Boost knowledge guided cancer therapy

Clear insight in molecular modeling of every unique mutation, fast & precise

Protyon is focused on improving the efficacy of cancer treatment

During treatment, novel cancer mutations can emerge, leading to progression of the disease and a need for new treatment

This leaves clinicians the hard task to select a suitable therapy for each different tumour from a variety of approved drugs with little information on their likely effectiveness

Our solution boosts knowledge guided cancer therapy

We provide structural biology tools directly to the clinic allowing to first test the efficacy of the drugs with digital tools in tailor-made models of the patient’s cancer-driving proteins.

How Protyon
technology works

1. Input mutations of the cancer driven protein
We construct a digital 3D model of the cancer drivers from the patient’s molecular fingerprint.

2. Test available treatments
We then use the molecular models to test available therapies in a computer and analyze their efficacy to delay the cancer.

3. Output Report
We provide the clinician with a ranking of the drugs most likely to efficiently treat the individual patient’s disease.

Our approach enables better disease management and care, which ultimately improves the quality and length of life of the patients and reduces unnecessary side effects.

We have developed an approach to use 3D structural information on the cancer driving protein combined with computational analysis of its interaction with potential drugs. This new information for oncologists supports fast clinical decisions on a truly personalised level.

Establishing personalised treatment for each patient

Saves costs by eliminating ineffective treatments

Minimalise the side effects of unnecessary therapy

Knowledge based prediction of treatment outcome

Increases life expectancy of patients

Lowers the burden on health care

Improve prognosis for each patient

The team and members

Rositsa Jordanova


Hoang Nguyen


Josef Melcr


Matthew Groves